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Welcome to Slate Attorney Access. It is a robust plan to help protect consumers that are under represented.

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According to a Princeton University backed study over 70 million Americans are facing collections and 90% of debtors summoned to court do not have legal counsel. Attorney Access provides you with discounted legal services including, credit report review, privacy law violations, trust and estates, consumer violations protection, and more.​


Debtors without legal counsel

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With our access to experienced attorneys, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the legal guidance for your particular legal issue.

Slate provides resources to its members to help protect and educate them about their consumer rights.

If a member believes that their consumer rights have been violated, Attorney Access provides access to legal representation to help them pursue a resolution.

This can include negotiating with the offending company, filing a complaint with a regulatory agency, or pursuing legal action if necessary.

Members can have their consumer contracts and other legal documents reviewed by a third-party attorney to identify any potential violations or discrepancies.

Attorney Access provides access to consumer education resources, including articles, guides, and videos, to help members better understand their rights. We want to help people identify potential violations and protect them from scams, fraud, and other illegal practices.

According to Consumer Federation of America the top ten Consumer Complaints:

Auto Sales & Repair

Landlord Tenant


Retail Purchases

Consumer Debt & Credit

Frauds & Scams


Robocalls & Telemarketing

Professional Services

Travel & Recreation

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